2023 Year-End Fundraising

Our new vanThank You Supporters!

We would like to begin our year-end newsletter with a very heartfelt thank you. Without the extreme generosity of our supporters, we would not have been able to purchase our new used van! “Vanessa II” hit the streets in late September and we could not be more grateful! We do not take your kindness for granted.

The need in our service area continues to be high and we did not miss a beat on the streets, thanks to our new (used) transportation. Nearly 65% of our clients are seniors living on a fixed income. We typically strive to receive $30,000 in fundraising dollars from our year-end appeal. For nearly 30 years, the animals have relied on us as a critical resource. We need your continued support. While we now have a working van to get us around to our clients, we still need funds for dog and cat food and for veterinary wellness care.

Despite how expensive food, supplies and sterilizations have skyrocketed to in 2023, thus far we were able to visit nearly 2,000 households delivering dry and wet food, supplies and straw to 2,763 dogs and 4,251 cats. We are currently assisting 300 active addresses and delivered 1,695 bags of dog food, 1,632 bags of cat food, 2,859 cans of dog food and 4,332 cans of cat food in 2023.

Here are three ways you can support our efforts on behalf of the animals:

  1. A year-end donation: via check or at www.MichiganAnimalAdoptionNetwork.org
  2. Monthly, sustaining donations in our “Paw-tner” Program: You can sign up for monthly PayPal donations in just minutes at www.MichiganAnimalAdoptionNetwork.org
  3. Matching donations from any employers who participate

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to make a lasting impact on animals in need.

When one of our volunteers, Trevor, was driving on  a very busy road he noticed these two running together and decided to follow them to try and help. They crossed another busy road as he tried to secure them, however, they were both leery of strangers.

He reached out to our President, Marie, for assistance as he was having no luck on his own. She jumped into action by loading her vehicle with supplies to secure the dogs, as she has more than 35 years of experience.

Within 10 minutes Marie met Trevor and was able to secure both of them right away. They both had collars and good weight. Trevor assisted Marie in setting up an overnight shelter in her attached garage and used her van as a crate.

Marie contacted the police department and the animal control officer in the area where they were found. Thankfully, the owner reached out the next day to retrieve his dogs. As they say, it takes a village. Please remember to ALWAYS keep ID on your animals as it could truly be life or death!

The amount of stray cats and kittens is  overwhelming. This is what happens when owners don’t spay and neuter their cats. If they are lucky, they join a colony that has a caregiver that will become their food source.

Sadly, colonies will create an even larger amount of feral kittens. This is why spaying and neutering matters so much!



This emaciated, filthy, scared little guy was in the center lane of a major road! Our volunteer team turned around immediately and parked their truck in the middle lane, to block him from being hit. Thankfully the team secured him quickly. He was so hungry and thirsty.

He is now safe and receiving veterinary care and will be placed up for adoption, once sterilized.



Various Support Levels:

Faithful Feline Friend: A $80 donation will spay / neuter a cat and provide two vaccinations.

Caring Canine Caregiver: A $165 donation will spay / neuter a dog and provide two vaccinations.

Passionate Pet Protector: A $300 donation will provide critical veterinary care for a cat or dog.

Please donate now here. Thank you so very much.

Federal Tax ID #: 38-3152340

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