Other Creative Ways To Help Us

Casual Day At Work

A day at work is designated as “casual day” and employees may participate by making a cash donation. Employees are allowed to wear casual clothes rather than their professional work clothes for the day.  All the donations are added together and given to the Michigan Animal Adoption Network. Hagopian Cleaning Services has dones this for us and it raised quite a bit of money quickly. Thank you, Hagopian!

It is very easy to do and employees love it!

Food Drives

Have your school, church, children’s organization or place of employment hold a food drive.  Set up collection boxes at different locations and for a certain amount of time collect food for the hungry animals. This is a great way to involve children and teach them about caring for animals!

In Memory Donations

If you want to remember a person or animal that has died, make a donation to the Michigan Animal Adoption Network in their memory.   The donation will be posted on our website and if you request, we can send a card acknowledging that a donation has been made.

Proceeds From Sales or Services

Donate part of the profits from your business sales to the Michigan Animal Adoption Network. Make it a special event. Designate a specific time period, give coupons, reduce the cost of the item or service, etc. to draw people into your business.

We can help promote your event by posting on it our website, Facebook page, Twitter account and sending out an email to our subscribers.

Special Celebrations

Instead of a gift being given to the guest of honor, ask that donations be made to the Michigan Animal Adoption Network.



Shot clinics: 2 per year $9,000.00
Low cost spay/neuter program $15,000.00
Doghouses: 250 per year $8,000.00
Straw: 900 bales per year $4,500.00
Collars: 520 / Leashes: 300 per year $4,080.00
Chain and links: $4,000.00
Biscuits, treats: $600.00
Dog and cat food: $5,000.00
Medical supplies: $500.00
Miscellaneous: $1,500.00
Gas/vehicle maintenance: $6,000.00
Truck rental: $4,000.00
Storage rental: $2,400.00
Total annual costs: $64,580.00

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