Animal Care Network Street Teams

Services and Assistance Provided by the street teams

  • Low-cost spay/neuter program, financial aid available
  • Low-cost vaccination clinics
  • Transportation for spay and neuter services
  • Rescue of animals in servicing areas free of charge
  • Proper and adequate shelter (free doghouses)
  • Free delivery of straw
  • Assistance with dog and cat food
  • Assistance with bowls and collars
  • Checking condemned/vacant houses for abandoned animals
  • Response to emergency calls
  • Cleanliness of the animals’ living conditions, wellness and welfare check
  • Care of fly bites (summer months)
  • Water patrol runs (summer months)
  • Live trapping of stray cats and dogs
  • Pet care education, community participation, resourcing
  • Assistance to seniors
  • Disaster animal rescue and relief

Spay & Neuter

Vaccine Clinics

Videos from the Streets


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