Animal Care Network in the community

The Animal Care Network prides itself on forming relationships with the community, businesses and the families. This program has even won national acclaim for it’s unique and personal touch. Volunteers are on the streets every day, sometimes going door to door, to reach pet owners that need assistance, to speak about and promote spay and neuter and to educate on proper pet care.

If the Animal Care Network is unable to assist pet-owners in certain situations we will refer them to the appropriate animal shelter, groomer or veterinarian. ACN has become a tremendous resource for the community and are almost always welcome with open arms.

During our travels unfortunately the majority of our visits expose dogs and cats that do not have the good homes that they so deserve. Many of these animals live outside 100 percent of the time and are not vaccinated or spayed and neutered, nor are they fed and watered properly. This makes the ACN runs very difficult.

However, we do want to acknowledge that from time to time, we come across genuinely nice people that do not have much money but do love their pets. These are some of those the people and pets that we have helped with spay neuter, vaccines and pet food. These are the experiences that keep the ACN volunteers going!

All of these animals have been spay and neutered through our low-cost spay neuter program. PLEASE DONATE TO OUR SPAY NEUTER PROGRAM so that we may continue to have the good happy stories!



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