The Animal Care Network needs a new (used) van!

We here at the Michigan Animal Adoption Network / Animal Care Network make a concerted effort to not bother you too often with fundraising pleas. But now is the time when we need to ask for your help!

The Animal Care Network would like to purchase a used van just like the one in this photo. It is a 2013 Ford Transit and it will cost us approximately $12,500. 

Our current van is 14 years old and has 200,000 miles on it. It does not always start. We are overdue for an upgrade. We need a vehicle that we can count on to always start. The vehicle is critical to delivering food / supplies to the animals.

The animals depend on us. Can we count on you to help fund this vehicle?

DONATE NOW. Thank you for your continued generosity! You have kept us going since 1994.



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