A Year Like No Other

As a 501C3 non-profit organization, this year has been our hardest hit year financially in our 26+ years of operation. Due to Covid-19, the Fur Ball and Bowl-4-Animal Rescue, our two largest fundraising annual events, were cancelled. The cancellations have meant a 30% reduction of our annual budget.

The need in our service area is greater than ever. We typically strive to receive $30,000 in fundraising dollars from our year-end appeal. For more than two decades, the animals have relied on us as a critical resource. Without your help, we will be on the euthanasia list.

A little good news for this year…the Animal Care Network has been able to spay / neuter 257 dogs and cats! We have also visited 1,840 households, delivering dry and wet food, supplies and straw to animals in need through our welfare checks…all while being in the midst of a global pandemic.

Here are three ways you can support our efforts on behalf of the animals:

1. A year-end donation — via check or right here on our website.

Three examples of year-end support:

  • Faithful Feline Friend – A $40 donation will spay / neuter a cat.
  • Caring Canine Caregiver – A $80 donation will spay / neuter a dog.
  • Passionate Pet Protector – A $100 donation will provide critical veterinary care for a cat or dog.

2. Monthly, sustaining donations in our Pontiac “Paw-tner” Program – You can sign up for monthly PayPal donations in just minutes right here on our front page. Look to the right for the PayPal link!

  • $5 a month turns in to $60 a year!
  • $10 a month turns into $120 a year!
  • $15 a month turns into $180 a year!

3. Matching donations from any employers that participate. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to make a lasting impact on animals in need.

The animals, our staff and volunteers cannot say thank you enough to each and every one of our dedicated supporters!

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