It is Kitten Season…

Every year, thousands of feral kittens, whose natural habitat is outdoors, away from people, are born in metro Detroit.

Our phone is ringing often and our email inbox is filling up daily with folks contacting us looking for help for cats and kittens that they have found.

If you have the financial means available, we recommend “Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR).” TNR is a humane, effective approach to care for community cats. Cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped and then returned to their outdoor home.

Alley Cat Allies has all the information you need to help cats / kittens get sterilized and returned safely back to their colony. Click here to for TNR information! If you are looking for a low-cost spay / neuter service, click here for All About Animals in Warren.


Locally, the Michigan Humane Society has a TNR program you can participate in here.

Another helpful way you can provide for community cats is an all-weather shelter. Click here to find out how to build / where to buy a feral cat shelter.

Shelters and rescue groups are also sometimes a viable option for community cats, but they are full of cats / kittens since they are dealing with kitten season too. Here are a few of the groups in our area:

Detroit Animal Control and Care

Humane Society of Macomb

Macomb County Animal Control

Oakland County Animal Control

Michigan Animal Rescue League

Michigan Humane Society

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