Plunge For Paws In Need

Saturday, December 14th, 12-3pm

#PlungeForPaws MAIN EVENT!
Sunday, December 15th, 2-5pm

CALLING ALL HUMANS AND DOGS! Michigan Animal Adoption Network needs your help!

Michigan Animal Adoption Network volunteers are very excited to take part in Bark-A-Bout’s new Winter 2019 #PlungeForPaws Fundraiser! Bark-A-Bout is taking the Polar Plunge to a whole new level, as both dogs and humans have the oPAWtunity to #TakeThePlunge in Bark-A-Bout’s Indoor pool during Bark-A-Bout’s exciting #PlungeForPaws Weekend Event, December 14th & 15th!

Please visit Michigan Animal Adoption Network’s Team Page and JOIN OUR FUNDRAISING TEAM or MAKE A DONATION to help us start fundraising!

If you’re to chicken to plunge you can still save pet’s lives this winter by sharing our Facebook posts, helping us fundraise, making a life-saving donation, or by joining us at the #PlungeForPaws Main Event as we #TakeThePlunge, Sunday, December 15th! More info.

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