Summer 2018

This cutie was luckily inside in the air conditioning when we visited!
Some of the dogs we visited are dogs we have known for many years. They immediately know when the team arrives that they will feel better. It’s early in the season and the flies are already causing havoc on the dogs’ ears and bodies. Today we applied lots of “Flys-Off” ointment!
Angel’s selfies are the best! Look at the underbite on that fur baby.
This kitty has the right idea!!!!
We are truly fortunate to have the BEST volunteer teams who choose to spend the holiday assisting the animals. Thank you lovely ladies!
Yay for dry straw! No more mud!
Nothing better than making a new feline friend!
We keep the pups happy and busy while we give them food, water and straw by providing a chewy treat!
Marie specializes in puppy kisses!
This very handsome fella always loves to say thank you to the team for bringing food and treats! We are so happy to help him and are able to do so thanks to the continued donations from our amazing supporters.
Our President Marie has been helping animals for over 25 years. And you can tell how much she still loves it. Look at this photo — pure joy on her face as she helps make a dog more comfortable with special ointment that is an amazing insect repellant!
It’s hard for our Animal Care Network team members to not cuddle with the cats they visit. They are hard to resist! #kittylove
One of our MANY summer spay / neuter recipients!
We’ve visited this little cutie for many years. He likes to pick the biggest treat and go back inside! Isn’t he darling?!
Look at the friendly kitties that Margaret and Lori got to love on! We truly have the best job in the world.
More cuddling. It never gets old!