March 2016: Fur Faces Happy To See Our Teams


ACN received this wonderful donation from Barbara Stasik Brown who spent some time collecting the donations from the amazing, generous residents of Yale, Michigan!!! Thank you, Barbara!!!!!!


When we visit the animals, they don’t get just one meal. They get two — one when we arrive, one when we leave!


New volunteer Sherri giving some neck scratches to these cuties. And their backyard was filled to the gills with straw!


Sherri making sure this sweetie is OK.


“Here let me serve you your meal.” 🙂


These kitties came out to greet our President Marie.


Marie loves the opportunity to love on a fur baby!


She loves both cats and dogs equally!


This sweet boy likes to smile when we come visit!


This owner had just been given this older dog a few days earlier. We will make certain she sees a veterinarian so that she can be spayed and brought up to date on her vaccines. She also seems to have problems with her ears and may be completely deaf. Updates to follow…


This little cutie came out to say hello. We love it when the dogs are in the house!


This owner tracked us down while assisting another address. Someone had just given her this dog a week ago and she would like to have her spayed. We are happy to oblige!

Since the owner does not have transportation, an ACN Team Member will be happy to assist.

IMG_20160327_102246366 IMG_20160327_104137354

At times it is more challenging to get to the dogs we are assisting.