Fall 2016

Snow loves when we bring her new straw!


These vicious little micro pets were doing their guard duty…the stinkers were little ankle biters at a whole whopping 4 1/2 pounds!


Tracy says, “One of these days I’m gonna lose my face in spite of my nose trying to smooch on all the ‘furiends’ we make at ACN — like this guy who wanted us for dinner a year ago! Now he loves ACN!”


Angel never can resist a cuddle with these sweet faces we visit.


A gorgeous, indoor kitty we had the pleasure of meeting this fall!


“My name is Brick. I am a one year old bully breed. Thank you for stuffing my house with straw today and feeding me. I was hungry and thirsty. I need my shots and Heather and Kathy told my owner I could get them for free if I get neutered. My owner said he will wait for a call from Lori to set it up. I hope he does it. I am a nice boy!”

This little girl was on her way home after being spayed. Beautiful girl!


One of the 57 animals we assisted in one day! Great job team. Warms our hearts when we arrive with supplies and the owner tells the animal how happy they are that they will have a good meal. Thank to all who continue to help us with food and financial support.


The Animal Care Network assists many elderly pet owners who are willing spend their last dollars feeding their pets. We make certain they both eat. This lovely woman was so happy when we arrived to bring food for her cat. We loved the decorative door hanging made by her grandchildren.


Fudge was full of Halloween spirit!


We visited a new address. No one was home. It took a few minutes for the dog to become comfortable with us, but then he realized we were there to help.

We put straw in his house and left food and water. We also were able to put fly repellent on his ears. We will be back to check on him.

Thank you to the person who called us out of concern.