September 27, 2015: Scared Dog

Many of the outdoor dogs that the team visits become very aggressive.

PONTIAC 9-27-15 4

This seven month old puppy is beginning to become more leary, more fearful and harder to approach. Her mom and dad live in the backyard and are extremely vicious. 

PONTIAC 9-27-15

Sadly it is not against the law to chain a dog outside 24/7, so if the owners will not give up the animals, we just have to do our best to educate them and make their living arrangements more comfortable.  

The mom has have many litters in this backyard, so we at least persuaded the owner to get the mom and dad and puppy spayed and neutered! The last time we were there the puppy was inside the house, but she is now living under the steps so we will be providing her with a dog house on our next trip out there.  They will not surrender her.

PONTIAC 9-27-15 2

Good work on the teams part of gaining the puppy’s  trust so she could enjoy some much needed love and affection!  As volunteers, this is the best that we can do at many of the addresses.

We will be back!