May 8, 2015: Three Moms – Not Anymore

Three of these dogs were mother dogs until the Animal Care Network made contact with them!

Now all three female dogs that had previously had litters are fixed!  And the dad dog also got neutered, AND the two puppies they kept also got fixed AND the wandering street dog that they took in also got neutered!!!  The puppies were fixed and vaccinated at eight weeks of age and did great!!!

So ALL SEVEN of these nice dogs got spayed and neutered along with their cat AND their next door neighbors puppy and two cats and four other family members dogs and cats.

So in the end because of the Animal Care Network’s work on the streets fifteen more dogs and cats were spayed and neutered within one family.

All of these dogs and cats are happier and healthier because of it!!!!

Spread the word!  The spay and neuter movement must be promoted at every opportunity!!!!!



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