May 8, 2015: Pepe

Many small dogs are very badly abused in our target areas.  They are forced to breed to create new “designer mix and match”  small dogs and are left for long periods of time not being groomed like they need to be.

PePe was one of those dogs, the owners did not want him anymore so they moved and left him behind to fend for himself on the streets.  He was a disaster, looked like a monster when we rescued him.  He was emaciated, severely dehydrated and matted and his nails were curling into the pads of his feet.  He smelled so bad and you couldn’t even tell if he was a boy or a girl dog.

Thank you to the Deanna who fostered him and nursed him back to health and cleaned him up!!!

Another big thank you to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking PePe into their adoption program and finding him a great home after being vaccinated and neutered. Pepe’s past neglect and abuse didn’t keep him down, he is one of the nicest little guys you could ever meet! Congratulations Pepe!

Thank you everyone!!


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