May 8, 2015: Mothers

The Animal Care Network does not give up on spay neuter!
Sometimes it takes years, we are relentless!!

We had been working on this address for years to get one of the biggest breeder dogs in our target area spayed. It started out where we were being kicked off the property, not
interested, don’t need our help!! These people were totally suspicious and leary of us.

Then the last litter was impossible to sell and they could not find anyone decent for the puppies so the ACN was called to pick them up. Suddenly we are in! Shortly after several
appointments were made for made and either cancelled or not kept.  They said they did not want anymore puppies. A year goes by!

They had the mom, dad, and two sons. Well after much communication and continued calm persuasion and touching base, mom and one son got spayed and neutered!!!

They wanted to start out with just getting two done, then said they would get the other two males done.

This is a great start, no more puppies for Lexie, no inbreeding between mother and sons! We are happy with this and will continue to follow up on the remaining two males that need to be neutered.

These dogs live in the house, are not chained up outside and have always been of very good weight and of decent temperament!

We are halfway there!!

No more new Mother’s Day’s for Lexie!!!


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