May 7, 2015: Transport to the Transport

The Animal Care Network is very thankful for the All About Animal transport partnership. This allows dogs and cats to be dropped off at their Auburn Hills location, where they provide safe and careful transport to their Warren location where all the dogs and cats have their surgery.

Well, some of the pet owners in our target area cannot even make it to the Auburn Hills location, so the ACN provides “TRANSPORT TO THE TRANSPORT” where we go directly to the home and pick up the dogs and cats and then bring them back home the following morning. This service is for those that have absolutely no transportation or are homebound due to medical or other reasons!

How else are these animals supposed to get fixed!!!!

So between the two transports…and the transport to the transport, more dogs and cats are getting fixed!! Transport is critical to getting many of these at risk animals spayed and neutered!

Great work everyone!! Here are some more dogs and cats that were transported from the transport arriving back at home after their surgery!!

transport to the transport

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