May 7, 2015: Follow Up on Spay

Last week we told you about Brandy and her family and two six year old dog that recently moved to our target area and found out about the Animal Care Network assistance program from a friend. Brandy needed some help with food so we stopped by. She had already had her male dog neutered but could never afford to get her female dog Onyx fixed. Our food assistance guidelines mandate that all dogs and cats in the household be spayed and neutered.

Brandy agreed so we left her with some dog food, treats and some toys and made an appointment for Onyx!! Well Onyx is now spayed and vaccinated!

The ACN provided financial assistance and transportation to get this done and Onyx is now safe and sound at home recovering from her surgery and a hard night away from home for the first time in 6 years.

Thanks to our partnership with All About Animals and funding from the Reitz Family Fund, we were able to make this happen and happen quickly!!!

Now we can help Brandy with dog food whenever she needs the help!

Great program huh?

follow up on spay

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