May 4, 2015: ACN Weekend Teams 2

Here we are again in the muddy, warm season. It is nice that the weather is warmer for the outside, backyard and chained dogs, but now they face tromping around in mud and the lack of clean and fresh water among other issues.

Volunteers spent the weekend distributing straw to soak up the mud and also making sure that all the dogs had fresh food and water, appropriate collars and speaking to theowners about the cleanliness of the dogs areas and giving them some time off their chains. The ACN attempts to have all owners accompany us into the backyard so we can discuss issues with them.

Also metal food and water bowls are distributed so that these poor, bored dogs do not chew them up and destroy them.

We would love it if we could rescue each and every one of these dogs, some more than others, however we are volunteers and have no authority to remove dogs or issue tickets. We can only try to educate the owners and make the situation better and more comfortable for every single animal that we visit. Rescue is always offered at every address.

The Animal Care Network takes this work very seriously and we do the best that we can for every dog and cat, to the best of our ability.

We have already scheduled spay and neuter appointments for some of these dogs and cats!!! Stop the cycle so the next generation doesn’t have to live like some of these animals!!!!!

ACN weekend teams 2

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