May 27, 2015: Mobile Spay Neuter Added

Thanks to a spay neuter transport partnership with All About Animals and a spay neuter program with Michigan Animal Rescue League!!!

Not only are we doing weekly transports every single Friday (10 owned dogs and cats) and monthly transports the first Tuesday of each month (40 owned dogs and cats) but All About Animals has added a mobile spay neuter clinic every other Thursday (10 more owned dogs and cats) at their Auburn facility!!!

All About Animals brings their state of the art surgical mobile unit right to Auburn Hills so the dogs and cats can be spayed and neutered on site!

This will help keep up with the high demand for spay and neuter in our targeted areas!

Spay and neuter is key to decreasing the pet overpopulation and to achieving everyone’s goal of No More Homeless Pets.

The Animal Care Network continues our mission to spay and neuter every single owned dog and cat in our target area to stop the cycle and to stop the number of homeless animals abandoned on the streets, left behind when the owners move and dogs and cats being turned in to local shelters and rescue groups.

Every single dog, cat, puppy and kitten that gets fixed is a step in the right direction!!!!!

Every single dog, cat, puppy and kitten is not fixed is a step in the wrong direction!!!!

mobile spay neuter added


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