May 27, 2015: ACN Volunteers on the Street

ACN Volunteers on the streetA big thank you to our “solo” Sue who is on the streets every single weekend rescuing, checking on dogs and cats and talking to owners about humane and proper pet care and the importance of spay neuter and vaccines.  It is critical that we be on the streets as much as possible!

Studies show that this door to door technique that the ACN founded over TWENTY years ago, gets to the core of the pet overpopulation problem.  These are pet owners and animals that may otherwise not seek out assistance or just don’t know what to do or where to go to get it.   That is what the Animal Care Network and volunteers like Sue are all about!  We are not enabling because we mandate that all the animals in the household be spayed and neutered!  We do not give out free supplies to owners that are potentially going to add a litter to the problem we are battling in our little corner of the world!

If not for programs such as ours, these dogs and cats would continue to reproduce, go hungry, die of parvovirus, become abandoned, end up on the streets or become prey to very evil things that go on in these communities.

Every single rescue, stop, check, visit, drive by, phone call that we make or receive is important to us and even more important to that individual animal!


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