May 26, 2015: Random Spay Neuter Stops

The Animal Care Network hands out informational and educational packets at every single address that we go to.  This packet includes our business card, food assistance guidelines, spay neuter specials, parvovirus fact sheet, local vet clinic information, grooming information, hot and cold weather tips, upcoming traveling shot clinic info, Best Friends educational spay/neuter Fix at Four fact sheet, Even if no one is home, the information is left at the house.  Regardless if we have been to the address before, we leave this packet and this has been a very successful tool to get more animals spayed and neutered.  Everyone has friends, relatives and neighbors that probably need the help right?

We noticed big dogs at two different addresses we had never been to before. The weight of the dogs looked okay and they were not chained up, just loose in the yard.  We tried to make contact with the owner, but no one would answer the doors, which is the case many times.  Our packet of information was left at the door and by the end of the day both owners called and ALL FOUR large female dogs had appointments to be spayed!!

Neither owner had transportation so the Animal Care Network provided transportation for these four BIG, super cool girls to get to the veterinarian for their spay and vaccines.

With all the unfixed male dogs running at large in these two neighborhoods it would have only taken minutes for them to jump the fence and get these gals pregnant, potentially adding forty more plus puppies to an already overwhelming pet overpopulation and more “accidental” litters.

So Kelly, Summer, AnnaBell and Lil Girl are all now spayed and vaccinated thanks to fundraisers such as Bowl 4 Animal Rescue and private donations!  Four wonderful dogs with some good owners that just needed some assistance and education on spaying and our program.

Four more large breed female dogs spayed because of two random stops and some pretty great informative literature.

This also prevented health issues such as uterus infections, mammary issues, prolapse issues and also issues between two adult female dogs being in heat at the same time.

random spay neuter stop

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