May 26, 2015: ACN Weekend Team – Down and Dirty

Talk about hands on, this is what the Animal Care Network teams are all about!

Talk about getting down and dirty, these volunteers are all in!

The weekend team spent a full day rescuing, repairing doghouses, stuffing houses with straw, lengthening chains and hardware, replacing too tight collars, filling bowls with food and fresh water, speaking with pet owners about proper and humane care of dogs and cats and also spreading the word and offering spay and neuter assistance.Fly season is upon us so the team also applies flies-off lotion to  the dogs and leaves some with the owners.  The more garbage and feces in the area, the more the flies will swarm. Rescue is always offeredat every address and every owner is asked to accompany the team to the backyard so that we may show them the issues at hand.

And let’s not forget giving some of the lonely and isolated dogs some much welcomed attention, love and some extra treats.

Certainly a full day of lifesaving, very important and heartfeltwork.  Thanks team!


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