May 22, 2015: Spay Neuter Assistance Alumni – Food Assistance Program

Check these big, healthy guys and gals out!!

Meet Sadie, Chewbacca, Chocolate, King, Jacq, Big Mama, Lil Ma, Big Show and Mimi!

Big Mama and Jacq are two of the oldest pit bulls in our target area and because they got fixed many years ago, will live longer and are healthier and happier because of it!

Nine more dogs that were spayed and neutered through the
Animal Care Network spay neuter program that are looking good!

The ACN helps pet owners in our target area with dog and cat food as long as the animals are spayed and neutered!!!

The ACN also provides transportation and financial assistance for those that need it!!! That way there are NO EXCUSES not to have the animals fixed!!

Our organization will absolutely not contribute to the pet overpopulation.

spay neuter alumni program

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