May 21, 2015: Four More Pitt Bulls Spayed and Neutered

Four more pit bulls spayed and neutered! All of these dogs have “slight” temperament problems and really do not do well with strangers and other animals and don’t do well being away from their homes.All the more reason to have them fixed! Not only to curb some behavioral problems but to prevent more litters of puppies being born….possibly with issues.

These guys were transported to All About Animals Warren on the transport vehicle and then the Animal Care Network picked them all up after they all recovered from their surgery. These dogs had to be handled very carefully and thanks to the experienced team at All About Animals and the ACN volunteers, returned back home safe and sound! This task makes for a very long day, lots of driving but very well worth the effort!

Great work everyone and thanks to the owners for wanting these dogs spayed and neutered, they also received their vaccines thanks to your donations!

four more pitt bulls spayed and neutered

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