May 21, 2015: Food Assistance Program

The Animal Care Network met Al and Sasha a few years ago while out on the streets. We told Al about the program and he was all in!

The ACN provided financial assistance and transportation to get Sasha spayed and vaccinated! Sasha is Al’s friend and stays in the house. Al evens spreads the word about spay and neuter to his friends and neighbors and we have gotten several cats and dogs fixed because of this. We are getting his next door neighbors female pit bull fixed this week!

The ACN helps Al and Sasha with dog food whenever he needs the help, he never takes advantage of the program and we are always happy to help him!

The Animal Care Network is a lifesaving, very important program in our target areas. Not only does this program prevent thousands of unwanted litter, but it keeps thousands of dogs and cats in the home. Our street work and door to door technique is critical to controlling the pet overpopulation in our little corner of the world!

food assistance program may 2015

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