May 20, 2015: Food Assistance

Two houses next door to each other, three families, seven dogs.  All seven dogs are fixed, the families needed help with dog food. The Animal Care Network is at their service!!

All seven of these dogs were spayed and neutered and vaccinated through the Animal Care Network spay neuter program, so whenever they need help with food, we are there!

That is what our program is all about!  These dogs are inside dogs, always in good shape and very much loved.  If not for this program, these dogs may have been breeding with each other, had behavioral problems and may possibly have had to be given up or surrendered.

Because of the Animal Care Network program, these dogs are happier, healthier and are not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.

The Animal Care Network does nearly 100 food assistance drops EVERY SINGLE WEEK, helping so many pet owners in need.  The greater impact on this program is that ALL of the dogs and cats in the household must be spayed and neutered in order to receive assistance.

food assistance may 20 2015


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