May 19, 2015: Farmville Pontiac

Wow, every month there are more and more unusual little creatures wandering the streets and the backyards, feels more like Farmville than the city.zens are calling about these roosters, chickens, hens, ducks and other farm birds, waterfowl or exotics. We attempt to capture them when we can and get them into the safety of a farm or a suitable environment. If you drive through the streets early in the morning or any time of day for that matter, you can sure hear the roosters crowing. Many of them are locked in garages or dirty pens without available fresh water and feed.

We do refer these calls to the City since there are ordinances on the books about this issue. Just don’t think this is the safest environment for these farms animals. They are just precious aren’t they?

farmville pontiac

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