May 18, 2015: Another Beagle has Flown the Coop

Sadly, the Animal Care Network run across many Beagles and hunting dogs that live outside 24/7, no matter what!  Many are living in Beagle boxes, wire and wooden coops, with overgrown nails and not much attention.  So we are always thrilled when we can rescue one of these very deserving hounds from these situations.

Thanks to Team Angie, Tracy, John and Angel, little Allie was rescued on the weekend ACN run.  Allie had been living outside in a feces and urine filled pen her entire life, bored, lonely and always hungry and thirsty.  Not anymore!!  How these dogs survive during the cold, brutal winter, we do not know.

Thank you to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking Allie.  This adorable, super friendly little gal is now cleaned up, vaccinated, spayed at up for adoption.

Thanks everyone!  Allie is on her way to a great, new life!

another beagle has flown the coop


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