May 15, 2015: Multiple Pet Households

More busy homes in our target area… multiple pet households which we run into every single day. The Animal Care Network attempts to get every single dog and cat in the household fixed. All of them!!! Our food assistance program mandates that ALL dogs and cats be fixed in order to receive help. Therefore if a pet owner follows through and gets everyone spayed and neutered it is our obligation to help them with food when they need it, after all that is what our program is all about!

The food assistance program is a critical part of the Animal Care Network outreach program.

If people have animals that are not spayed or neutered, we tell them we cannot continue to assist them until the animals get spayed and neutered. Whenever we walk away from an address with dogs and cats that are not fixed it bothers us but we do not give up.

We check back with people constantly to see if they have changed their minds. We believe that this is a critical part of the program to keep animals in the home, rather than being turned in to shelters and rescue groups who are already, constantly overwhelmed with dogs and cats.

There are many addresses that we have worked on for years that eventually want to have their animals fixed.

If it gets another dog or cat spayed and neutered, if it prevents another litter from being born, if it helps another dog or cat, if it helps a pet owner in need then it is a worthwhile lifesaving visit, never a waste of time, never!

This is nine dogs at two different addresses, imagine all the dogs and cats we are getting fixed in the entire city. Imagine how many litters our organization has prevented by focusing on this program.

multiple pet households

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