May 14, 2015: ACN Every Single Stop is Important

Every single stop, check or visit that the Animal Care Network makes is important!  Every single one!  If there is not an animal that needs help at that particular address, maybe the next door neighbor, friend, relative or house across the street may need help or information!

Here is an example. Upon doing a routine food drop, I noticed two dogs across the street that I had never seen before.  I walked across the street and gave the people our informational packet that is passed out at every single address.  They had two super cool dogs, a male (coming of age) and a female (coming into heat) Uh oh! Nice dogs, nice owner, but did not want puppies and were not familiar with our program.  We chatted and explained the program and offered free spay and neuter.  Well within a week we had an appointment for Tyke and Ricky, the owners did not have transportation at that time, so we picked them up and brought them home.  Both dogs got fixed and vaccinated thanks to a grant from the Reitz Family Fund.

We checked up on these two over the weekend, Ricky and Tyke are feeling good!!!!

ACN every single stop is important


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