May 13, 2015: Brandy – Off the Chain

The Animal Care Network is a volunteer based organization that hits the streets every single day. We have no authority to take or confiscate animals and have no authority to ticket or force people to unchain their dogs, take them inside or take them to the vet if
they are seek or need medical attention.

Therefore our mission is to rescue whenever possible, educate, offer spay neuter and vaccines, provide doghouses, straw, food and transportation to pet owners in our target areas.

Three years ago when we met Brandy, we knew what was in store for her, she was only five months old and living on a chain. The owners would not surrender her so we did the best that we could. We had her spayed and vaccinated and periodically checked on her. A year later, rather than call ACN to pick her up the owners gave her to a neighbor who continued to keep her on a chain, naturally Brandy was becoming more aggressive and more unsocial, day by day, the damage was being done.

A few weeks ago a very cool lady, Erin, moved in next door to Brandy. She could not figure out why this dog was living on a chain right next to her fence. She succeeded in befriending her and finally convinced the owner to let her have Brandy. Brandy is now chain free, living in a nice backyard and in the house, not outside 24/7.

Erin was thrilled about this and so are we. Brandy is already improving and is Erin’s buddy now. Erin writes “Thank you, Pam. I appreciate all you’ve done for Brandy. Now she can start living a fun and fulfilled life.

What a great story. A dog that we once thought was destined for death on the chain, has become free!!! Thank you so much Erin!


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