May 10, 2015: Mother’s Day Story


Poor Natalie was dumped on the streets after her last litter, they had no use for her anymore, she was weak and skinny and couldn’t even nurse the puppies.

Tony found out about her being dumped and ended up taking her into his home, feeling very bad for her.  He took her to the All About Animals April vaccine clinic, where she was noticed standing in line looking pretty bad.  Tony was talked to and the AAA team took down his information for ACN to check up on her and contact him about getting her fixed.

Well here we are three weeks later and thanks to great teamwork and follow up, we were able to get Natalie spayed and her distemper parvo booster this week.  Thanks to Tony, she has gained around ten pounds and really looks good.

Sadly many people in our target area breed the life out of these poor dogs, force them to have litter after litter, many times nearly killing them, many times succeeding in killing them.  Then they are “let go” or dumped on the streets.

Thankfully Natalie is one of the lucky ones and Tony did right by her!

Wonderful team work to everyone involved!  No more being a mom for Natalie and that makes us very, very happy and makes Natalie a happier, healthy, ALIVE dog!

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