March 9, 2015: Dumped Dog

Sadie Mae is a loyal and faithful dog!  After her (apparent) owners pulled over and pushed her out of their car, she continued to chase it.  Thankfully one of our “eyes and ears” in the community witnessed this and sprung into action, even getting into a fender bender to rescue this emaciated friendly dog! What an effort!

Thinking that people cannot be this cruel and this couldn’t have been their dog, the finder attempted to locate an owner for a week.  Of course no one came forward, so we had to assume that Sadie was intentionally dumped, which happens much to often in our target area!  Sadly, this is not a community where many of the dogs found stray, wandering or abandoned are claimed.  In most instances, this is a good thing, considering what these poor animals had been through and the condition they are found in!  The word on the street is “if you don’t want them, let them go”.

Sadie was able to be nursed back to health, spayed and adopted.  This act of cruelty did not change her outlook, disposition or faith in humans at all!


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