March 31, 2015: Jean Marx

The Animal Care Network bids a fond farewell to one of the true animal crusaders of our time, Jean Marx.

When MAAN/ACN was founded in 1994, Jean loved that we were targeting spay and neuter in the Pontiac area and we became fast partners in Jean’s mission to spay and neuter every dog and cat possible through her Animal Crafter’s spay neuter group.

Jean and Animal Crafters funded spay and neuter clinics in Pontiac and even took her mobile unit to the Centerstage on multiple occasions to tackle the huge pet overpopulation that we took on when we “adopted” the City of Pontiac back then. It was an honor to work with this no nonsense, “let’s get to work” lady, who always meant business when it came to the animals.

Jean was the original spay neuter “queen” and we all had great respect and admiration for her. She did not let anything get in the way of her mission. She knew long before any of us that spay neuter was the solution to saving lives and decreasing the pet overpopulation.

Thanks to her strong drive and dedication, thousands upon thousands of dogs and cats were spayed and neutered.

Jean, your grass roots contribution to the animal welfare community was second to none and you motivated so many of us to follow in your footsteps.

Jean and her Animal Crafters team even made it into Cat Fancy magazine in 2005.

Rest in peace friend.


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