March 25, 2015: Beagles and Hounds

Sadly, in our target areas, Beagles and other hounds are another highly abused and neglected breed. They live in pens, coops or “beagle boxes” Some of them cannot even see the light of day, what a horrible life.

The only time they get out is if their owners take them hunting. Many times the pens are filthy and filled with feces, they have growths and sores from sitting in filth, nails are overgrown and many have heartworm.

The Animal Care Network tries to rescue these poor dogs every chance we get and have rescued quite a few this winter!

Some of them we were able to get into the Michigan Animal Rescue League adoption program thankfully. Sadly some of these sad souls had to be humanely euthanized for health reasons, congestive heart failure and severe damage to the heart. We gave them love, compassion, food, water and warmth while we could.

As we repeatedly state, the Animal Care Network has no authority to ticket or remove animals. We can only try to rescue as many as people will surrender and report addresses of concern to local animal control.

As a non-profit that has been providing a community service to our target areas since 1994 we offer rescue, assistance, spay neuter, education, doghouses, straw, food and simply try to make a monotonous, horrible existence a little more bearable.

Michigan State Laws


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