March 23, 2015: Dana and Her Awesome Illustrations

Every single day I walk by this portrait in my living room and smile.

My first two dogs were pit bulls rescued from very bad situations, upon first becoming involved in “rescue”.

JP was my first dog and she was a pit bull puppy from Pontiac with a defected back paw. I heard about her from a coworker and was picking her up for a friend that wanted a “pit bull”. I picked her up and she charmed me and I had her for 18 years…yes 18 years. She was nothing but trouble for many of those years, but I adored her and in my younger days even hid her in a laundry basket to sneak her in and out of places that did not like pit bulls.

She had a bad heart and I had her on heart meds for many years of her life.

Boxy was hit by a car and left on the road and dropped off at MARL. I fell in love with her and ending up adopting her too. They were best friends and LOVED to lay in the sun!

I lost both of them within three weeks of each other, Boxy was twelve and JP was eighteen.

I was a mess! My friend Eva had our friend Dana Atnip do this illustration of the loves of my life. What a great memorial to two of the best dogs in the world. I will always miss them.

Wanted to share this with everyone…. a true honor from Dana Atnip and a wonderful depiction that she artistically created. Dana is a brilliantly talented artist!!! Check out her page.



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