March 18, 2015: Puppies Rescued

They were only able to sell five of the puppies and wanted the rest and the mother dog gone immediately! Probably so they can start all over again because of course they kept a puppy. Not to be negative but we are quite sure nothing will change here. Infuriating!

Mother dog who was EXTREMELY aggressive after being bred and kept chained in a basement long term. Once again, not her fault, but a product of her abusive, neglectful environment.

After weeks of working with the mother dog and being temperament tested, sadly we had to have her humanely euthanized, her foster mom stayed with her.

The puppies acted like they had NEVER had water, check out this video (on other post). For some reason in our target area water is a forgotten luxury.

They are in a foster home during their “parvo watch” and we will continue to monitor the puppy that they kept.

puppies rescued





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