March 18, 2015: Frozen Pit Bull Seeking Shelter by a Tree

The ACN has been alerted by multiple people regarding a dog seeking shelter next to a tree in a vacant lot for several days. One neighbor admitted she knew who the owner was, they didn’t want the dog anymore, so they left her behind when they moved…nice huh? Typical behavior in our target AREAS. And no consequences. Let’s let the dog or cat go in freezing winter weather and not call anyone to pick her up. Bottom line, they don’t care and they won’t care… but the animal welfare workers will pick up the pieces once again.

Blueberry was found seeking shelter next to a tree and tree stump. She was terrified, cold and being aggressive. Upon approach she bared her teeth and charged but ran right back to her pathetic sad clearing in the snow.

I was not leaving without her. I guess I had the cold weather and her freezing feet on our side this time. Trudging through the deep snow slowly, tossing bits of canned food, the only way to catch her was with the catch pole (which we only use when absolutely necessary). Not an easy job when you are alone

Slowly lying the catch pole on the ground around a pile of canned food, I was able to gently coax her closer and get her safely into the rescue van, where she changed her tune and snuggled up on a big blanket!

Blueberry is in a foster home, where she is learning to trust humans again. Due to the abusive and neglectful experience with her previous owner, she has issues with certain people and new scenarios, with good reason.

If you would like to foster or adopt a dog in need like Blueberry, please call our office at 248-545-5055. Experience and training is a must.

And to answer the million dollar question, no, nothing will happen to the people that abandoned her, they are long gone and there are no consequences for moving and leaving your pets behind.

frozen pit bull seeking shelter by a tree

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