March 13, 2015: Disturbing Find at Another Address

Imagine doing a routine stop while on the streets, on the weekend and finding this!

This poor friendly pit bull’s head and face swelled up like a balloon, of course living outside in the freezing weather to make things worse. To make that worse, she is chained inside the pen. Upon addressing the owner, they already knew everything and had already been in contact with their veterinarian. Yeah right. Funny they told two volunteers two different stories, Whatever, it doesn’t even matter what they say, what matter is the dog was suffering.

Thanks to our volunteer who unlike the owner, noticed a collar so tight that is was beginning to embed into the neck, thus a swollen head and neck. Hmmm, their veterinarian must not have noticed this either. The collar was removed by the volunteer and the swelling started going down thankfully, however this is still completely unacceptable.

No animal control available on the weekends and no one else to call for this poor dog, the address was reported the next business day.

We sure hope that this dog has received medical treatment, because as volunteers and an assistance, rescue and spay neuter organization, we have no legal right or standing to do anything beyond what we did. Especially when the owner is non-interested and non-concerned and goes back in the house and closes the door.

disturbing find at another routine acn visit

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