March 13, 2015: Animal Lovers in the Community

Thankfully their are some pretty cool people in our target area! People that look out for animals in trouble and will call the Animal Care Network day or night when they are concerned about something.

Meet Carol and Bruce, the ACN has known them for over fifteen years! They are a very humble couple that doesn’t have a lot, but they sure have hearts of gold and are one of the most genuine couples we have ever met.

Carol and Bruce have been watching out for the animals since we met them and have rescued dozens of dogs and cats from bad neglectful and abusive situations.

They also set up shelter for the stray cats in an area where there is a huge cat problem. They work on socializing the cats and provide shelter, food and water year round! They call upon the ACN to pick up any dog and cat that they rescue and their two personal cats where spayed and neutered through our low/no cost program many years ago.

Here is the little dog that they recently rescued during a blizzard when the owner beat him up and threw him outside in the snow. Toby was since neutered and adopted into a wonderful home by the Michigan Animal Rescue League!

We greatly appreciate you two!! Keep up the good work guys!

animal lovers in the community march 2015

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