March 11, 2015: The Look of Isolation and Despair

This dog has lived so long on a chain or in a small pen isolated from humanity except for when he gets fed and watered.  We were not even able to get straw in his doghouse, he has become so aggressive.

For the ACN volunteers to be unable to stuff the doghouse, the dog has got to be pretty aggressive, of course no fault of his own, this is his life!

A note was left for the owner to bring him inside and a bag of straw was left in hopes that the owner will put it in, experience tells us neither will happen.

We will check back.

Sadly, this is how he will live until the day he dies.

We will witness this again and again, day after day, week after week,  year after year as will every other animal rescue and welfare worker.

the look of isolation and despair




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