March 11, 2015: Taffy and Another Sole Survivor

The Animal Care Network received a call about a small mother dog with a litter of puppies that were dying one by one. Disturbingly enough, they had the dead puppies in a closet.

We were able to rescue Taffy and her sole survivor puppy. Taffy was in pretty rough shape herself, skinny, matted and dehydrated.

Mom and puppy were placed in a foster home, got medical care, and with good food and plenty of water, thrived.

We were able to get Taffy and her puppy Carmella into the Michigan Animal Rescue League where they will be vaccinated and spayed before adoption!

As we have said before, there is a small dog explosion in our target area and it needs to stop!

Spay and neuter your dogs, big and small!

Taffy and another sole survivor



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