March 10, 2015: Puppies Rescued from Deplorable Conditions

Another big thank you to our Sue for rescuing these puppies and believe us, it was not easy. Sue was gifted with the power of persuasion and while on an ACN welfare check found these three puppies in disgusting, deplorable conditions.  She was ot leaving without them.  They were being kept in a Tupperware container filled with urine and feces and were completely emaciated and dehydrated, who know when the last time they ate or drank was.
They were trying their best to climb out of this isgusting “container” and were covered in urine burn and feces.

The puppies were immediately put in a foster home where they enjoyed a nice warm bath, food and water, such good water! Sadly but not surprisingly, they came down  with the parvovirus and only one survived.  Even with vet care, their condition being so poor and bodies so frail,  the two just couldn’t fight it. No food, no water, no vaccines is a recipe for disaster! It is a miracle that one survived.  Solo” will be adopted once he is fully vaccinated and neutered.

Great work Sue, your continued dedication on behalf of the animals continues to amaze us.

As all of us in rescue know, not all of our stories have happy endings but we still have to tell them!

Animal welfare workers and volunteers are not the creators of these terrible stories, but always are willing jump in to pick up the pieces!

Rest in peace to the two that we lost, we are sorry we didn’t get to you sooner!

puppies rescued from delorable conditions

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