June 8, 2015: Work in Progress Address

Sadly many dogs live a life on chains 24/7, their entire lives. Like these two senior pit bulls that we have come to love and check on frequently. If it isn’t one problem, it is another. First they were breeding the heck out of them, after years we finally convinced them
to get them spayed or we would not help them with food or straw anymore.
They finally agreed.

Please believe us when we tell you, we ALWAYS try to rescue dogs from these awful situations but if the owners will not surrender the dogs, we have no legal standing to take them. We are volunteers that are performing a community service and trying to rescue as many abused, unwanted and neglected animals as possible, keep the pet overpopulation down in our target area by offering low/no cost spay neuter to owned animals and ferociously try to educate the owners, many times to no avail

Their chains are short, their area is filthy, their collars are tight, their food and water bowls are filled with mud or dirt, when it rains it is like they are living in quicksand, and to top all of that off they are neglected, ignored and rarely get attention. These poor dogs are so, so happy to see the ACN volunteers. When we first met them, they were very aggressive, now they cannot get enough of us, it is wrong and it is sad.

Another big shout out to Sue for attempting to make the situation a little bit more bearable for them. These are Sue’s notes from the address:
“I visited the girls today. It was horrible….there was nowhere for them to get away from the mud and water. I made the son help me and we put a harness on the black dog and moved her over to the other doghouse that had a bit of straw in it. She was so wet and cold she was shivering. Once we moved her out of the disgusting mud she seemed alot happier. I could not do quite so much for the other girl but was able to put a pallet and cage bottom
down for her to walk on instead of the mud. They both need more straw badly. I gave them fresh food and water, their bowls were filled with mud and dirt. Here are before and afters.”

We will be back at this address this weekend you can be sure!!!

work in progress address

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