June 7, 2015: Wally the Senior Dog

Wally’s owner had him for ten years, never had him neutered and rarely did he receive veterinary care. Then they decided they did not want him anymore. Just like that, we don’t want him anymore.

Well a big thank you to our friends Pat and Jim, huge Boxer lovers, who decided to take Wally in, even at his old age and with health problems.

They had recently lost their Boxer and decided to open their hearts and home to this old, super nice guy. Wally will live out his senior years with lots of love and care.

And yes, Wally was neutered, who says a ten year old dog is TOO OLD to be fixed!!! Not us.

Anyone that opens their heart to a senior dog or cat, knowing that they won’t be around for too long, is a truly a double angel!


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