June 5, 2015: Signs from Cindy Merz and Ken Snow

It is fast approaching two years since we lost two of our dearest friends, devoted volunteers and amazing humanitarians….Cindy Merz and Ken Snow.

It is as if they were just here yesterday, we think of them so often and miss them every single day. We are reminded of Cindy and Ken so often in just little things that happen and little things that we see or sense.

We all believed in signs from our higher power and know that Cindy and Ken are watching over us and the animals from their place in Heaven.

We believe that Cindy and Ken just visited our storage unit this week. While we were there, we saw our TWO hawks standing vigil over the storage unit. We had never seen two sitting together here before, always just one. Just minutes after seeing the hawks, one colorful, beautiful little Barn Swallow flew right by us, flew into the storage unit without crashing into anything and then flew right out. I immediately said to Chris, without even thinking, “that was Cindy Merz”. Her arms were literally covered with goose bumps! At Cindy’s graveside service, the Barn Swallows were everywhere.

Cindy and Ken, we love you and miss you both so very much. Such a powerful and deep friendship and high regard we hold you both in to this day and always. You were both very important to us and so many others!

Until we meet again friends..

signs from cindy merz and ken snow

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