June 5, 2015: ACN Summer is Here

Summer is here again, now we battle the flies, the fleas, the heat, heat stroke, lack of water, lack of shade, the rain, the mud, thunderstorms, fireworks…So many demons that outdoor animals have to endure during the summer.

Sadly, groups such as ours are desperately needed on the streets and in the backyards. We are stocked up and ready to go!!!!

Summer heat tips and tips to keep the flies off the outdoor dogs are passed out at every address!!

Thanks to Lorenzo and our friends at Hoffman Nursery in Waterford for stocking us up with straw!

Thanks to our friends at MARL for donating some collars to the less fortunate dogs.

Thanks to Vern our friend at the Warehouse for giving us such a good deal on the “flies off” supplies.

Here we come summer!!!

Please donate to the Animal Care Network program so that we may continue to serve, monitor and assist thousands of dogs and cats that need our help!

acn summer is here

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