June 30, 2015: Orphaned Fawn

One of our community friends and volunteer LJ became concerned when he saw a fawn without a mother in his yard. All DNR and wildlife professionals said to leave the baby alone and the mother would come back for the fawn. Three nights went by and
no mother. He was getting weaker and had cuts and scratches and wounds on his body, who knows someone could have abused him and dumped him there, not many deer in this neighborhood.

Well all the professionals said if no mother returned after three nights, a rehabber would be needed.

A big thank you to Ann Marie our wildlife friend and animal rescue comrade who was able to locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and veterinarian to take the fawn, who is now doing very well!

We really appreciate people in the community that are concerned for the plight of the animals, whether it be dogs, cats or wildlife.

We happily rewarded our buddy LJ with lots of dog food and treats for his female spayed dog.

Always remember to follow proper guidelines when it pertains to wildlife, most times it is best to leave them alone. Please refer to your local wildlife team or local veterinarian.

Thank you LJ and Ann Marie!!!!

orphaned fawn

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