June 29, 2015: MHS Free Pit Bull Program – Vontae

Conswella had just moved to our target area and had heard about the Animal Care Network. She called one of the local shelters to track us down.

Conswella has a huge five year old male pit bull named Vontae! She wanted to get Vontae neutered and vaccinated, but couldn’t afford it and had no transportation and did not know many people in the area that would help her take her dog to the veterinarian for his appointment.

In steps ACN!! Thanks to the Michigan Humane Society free pit bull sterilization program we were able to get Vontae neutered and vaccinated for no charge.

Weighing in at nearly 100 pounds, Vontae did not want to get back in the cage in the rescue van after his surgery, so he insisted on riding on the owners lap on the way home.

We also provided a crate for the owner to keep Vontae in to recover and heal up after his surgery.

Nice big dog, nice owners, doing the right thing!!!

MHS Free spay pit bull program vontae

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