June 23, 2015: What a Difference a Day Makes

So on this little dead end street with only three houses, all friends and neighbors, the Animal Care Network made a gigantic difference and stopped a really big problem from happening in more ways than one!!!  Three dogs at one house, three at the other and two at the other.

The Animal Care Network absolutely adores these dogs. They are all social, get along with each other and live in harmony as neighbors and friends just like their owners. They are well behaved and listen to their owners, but please do not let them know the ACN volunteers are coming over, because they do not listen when told to stay out and get out of the rescue/transport vehicle.

The ACN provided education, financial assistance and transportation to get these dogs fixed and vaccinated young, before they started mating, before they started fighting, before they all died of the parvovirus. Great owners and very good and easy to work with.

Now this is what the Animal Care Network is all about, getting these dogs fixed and vaccinated prevented so, so many problems. These dogs were going to live here with or without our help, but the owners listened and followed through and we appreciate that.

These is one of the break through moments that keep us going! Not that these dogs have ever been skinny, but now the owners qualifies for the ACN food assistance program… win win.

Love these guys!!!


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